Maeve Fox early on a Wednesday

Maeve Fox early on a Wednesday

This bright and airy cocktail bar of exposed brick walls, high ceilings and the odd stag head looking down at the patrons is situated directly next to the East Richmond train station. Maeve Fox has been around for 7 years and is still a busy local cocktail bar in the Cremorne/East Richmond area.

Sitting at what is possibly the tallest bars I have ever sat at in my life (a mild health hazard for shorties like me) on a spring evening sipping on a few cocktails with a mate while chatting to the bartender about gin, made a perfect end to my Wednesday.

Zoe at Maeve Fox

Zoe at Maeve Fox

Let's move onto the Questions:

House gin: Beefeater

Most Popular Gin cocktail: Either a Negroni or a Charlie Chaplin (description below)

Most Popular Australian Gin: Four Pillars or West Winds

Busiest nights of the week: Fridays and Sundays, (they have a half price menu on Sundays)

Least busy night of the week: Wednesday

The usual sort of people who frequent the bar: somewhere between over twenties and middle aged customers. Also quite a lot of first dates.

On to the Gin-tails…

I started with the simple and understated Negroni. The Negroni I had at Maeve Fox was made up of: Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin, Maidenii Sweet Vermouth and Campari (of course) in a short glass with a large triangular ice cube and a twist of orange to garnish. This Negroni packed a delightfully citrus punch, both with the orange and Campari but also with Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin which is packed full of fresh oranges and lemon myrtle which really elevate the citrus notes of the humble Negroni to another level. Not to mention the array of botanicals hiding in Maidenii sweet vermouth. This Negroni, with all its intense citrus flavours, earned itself a decent 6/10 on my scoring scale. Quality Australian ingredients producing an orange farmers dream in a cocktail. 

Next I moved on to The Martini. The Martini was comprised of: Four Pillars rare dry gin and Maidenii dry Vermouth garnished with a twist of orange putting an Australian spin on the classic. The martini was crisp and bursting with citrus and spice, creating quite a beautiful cocktail for the calm spring evening. I would rate this Martini a 5/10 for the reason that although it was smooth and refreshing and a cocktail that I would happily drink again, it wasn’t blow your socks off spectacular, giving this solid cocktail a solid score. 

Fortunately, I went on this little cocktail bar outing with a gin loving mate who challenged the bartender with the onerous task of making two different gin cocktails that are citrusy and not very sweet. I believe the bartender Zoe did a great job and rose to the occasion producing a South Side and a Charlie Chaplin.

For anyone who has not had a South side before, it is very similar to an Eastside but without the cucumber (and maybe a few other things as well?); and for those who have no idea what I am talking about (don’t worry I got confused by all of this too) here is what is in the Maeve Fox South Side: Beefeater gin shaken with lime juice, mint and sugar garnished with a beautiful fresh mint leaf. It is an incredibly refreshing summer cocktail, that will easily tempt the tastebuds of any citrus loving gin enthusiasts out there!

Their Charlie Chaplin comprises of Hayman’s Sloe gin, apricot Brandy and lime juice. Being totally honest with you here, sloe gin is by far my least favourite style of gin, and it usually takes a lot of convincing to even give it a go (I know, I’m a disgrace and shouldn’t even call myself a gin lover). I was ridiculously surprised by this cocktail, it tasted incredible and was very easy to sip away at. It was sweeter then the South side except the fresh flavours from the apricot brandy and the fresh lime juice cut through the sweetness of the sloe perfectly creating a simple tart and fruity cocktail that went down a treat. If you aren’t the world’s biggest fan of sloe gins (like myself) I highly suggest you give this combination a try, and if you are Sloe obsessed then this cocktail really is a no brainer.  

Of all the cocktails I tried at Maeve Fox my favourite would probably have to be the Charlie Chaplin for surprising me with a delicious use of a sloe gin. 

Maeve Fox is wonderful cocktail bar to visit on your way home from work, really close to East Richmond Station on Church Street and their renditions of classic gin cocktails are delightful and refreshing at the end of a long day. I would say Maeve Fox in Cremorne is indeed worth a visit if you haven’t already.