PART 3: Making cocktails Vs. drinking cocktails....

Just a short couple of questions to get you ready for that 5 o'clock drink...

What is your preferred spirit to work with when making and creating new cocktails, and does it differ from your spirit of choice when drinking?

 Whiskey in both aspects for me, and rye is a particular favourite of mine. There are so many classic whiskey drinks that can be adapted in so many ways, and the number of great whiskey producers is so high. I’m aware of your love for gin and I love it too, but the sheer amount of gins available, good, bad, flavoured etc., it seems to me there are a lot more bad gins out there than bad whiskeys.

 What is your favorite gin cocktail that you have ever created or invented and how do you make it (ingredients, process etc.)?

I’m very happy with the Nakajima Kikka I’ve designed for our new menu. It’s 40ml of Jinzu gin with 25ml Akashi-Tai Umeshu plum wine and 5ml Crème de Bergamote, with a dash of cherry bitters. Stir it down in a mixing glass, but I also have a little pot of cherry and orange blossom syrup next to the glass, of 2:1 syrup taken from maraschino cherry jars to orange blossom water. A couple of times through stirring, dip the spoon in the pot to get a little of it into the drink, but not too much as the orange blossom is pretty overpowering. Serve in a coupe glass and add a maraschino cherry.

Joe Summerfield at the Poison Cabinet - photo by Cormac Thomson 

Joe Summerfield at the Poison Cabinet - photo by Cormac Thomson 

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