JUNIPALOOZA 2016 - 22nd & 23rd October

This weekend just gone (22nd and 23rd of October) The Gin Queen hosted Melbourne’s Junipalooza Festival at Melbourne’s Old Meat Markets, what a fun gin fuelled event it was to attend. Junipalooza sponsored by Capi (Australian made soft drinks and mixers) brought together a wide range of gin producers from all around Australia and the World for 2 afternoons of gin tastings and master classes for all attendees. 

The Meat Market was a fantastic historical venue for the Junipalooza that easily accommodated both visitors and exhibitors alike. The atmosphere was lively and yet intimate with enough space so that you could have a nice chat with some of the distillers without being cramped and shouting at each other, while not being so big that you were racking up the pedometer count walking from stand to stand. Really well laid out venue that made the event really special. 

Almost all of your favourite Australian gin distillers were there representing their brand and meeting their fans, as well as some new up and coming distilleries that you might not have had the chance to try before (both Australian and International). 

A big stand out moment of the event for me was trying Animus Distillery's gin range (Shamefully I had not heard of these guys before this weekend). They have 3 different gins: Classic Dry, Ambrosian, and Arboretum; which they were selling in wooden cased miniature three packs. The Classic Dry is your juniper forward yet delicately balanced London Dry style gin, while Ambrosian Gin is a far more citrus heavy gin, and lastly Arboretum (my personally favourite of the trio) is a really well done and incredibly unique savoury more herbaceous and vegetative gin, full of complex herbal flavours and a gentle underlying note of capsicum. I can only imagine how great Arboretum would taste in a martini.

Another great moment was sitting in on a talk by The Gin Queen and the guys from Poor Toms, Melbourne Gin Company, and Mt Uncle, about the use of Australian Botanicals and the complex and intricate story they bring to the gin world these days. Incredibly informative discussion, and it was amazing to hear from the distillers themselves their impressions of Australian botanicals and how they used them to produce their gin’s flavour profile. 

All in all, I firmly believe from what I saw of the event that Junipalooza was a great success, it was incredible to see so many gin lovers all in one place having such a fantastic time. Massive thanks to The Gin Queen for all her remarkable work at organising the event, it really was a special weekend.