Clover Club - Bar None

Clover Club - Bar None

This incredibly pink and somewhat sweet drink is the Clover Club (I had this at Bar None in Camberwell). This sort of thing isn't really a drink would usually order (sweet drinks aren't exactly my forte). However it wasn't half bad as far as sweet pink things go, because the lemon juice took some of that sweetness away and made it a bit more refreshing.

It contains (in I have no idea what quantities): Beefeater 24, raspberry cordial/syrup, lemon Juice, grenadine and Eggs Whites. Shaken like mad with ice.

If something a bit sweet and a little different, or pink gin drinks are your thing I would definitely recommend this gin-tail to you. So try figure out those quantities at home or head on down to your local watering hole and order one.

And as always drink responsibly humans!