The Tuxedo no 2 consists of: Plymouth dry gin, dry vermouth, a dash of absinthe, a dash of orange bitters, and Luxardo Maraschino stirred with ice and no garnish. Delicate, dry and floral martini where the aniseed from the absinthe really shines through.

Head to Black Pearl in Fitzroy, or even just your local gin joint and give tuxedo no 2 a go if you are a fellow martini lover who has never given this beauty a try!

As always, Drink responsibly friends!


The Ugly Duckling's infamous cocktail the Black Negroni, I would best attempt to describe as being the Negroni's eccentric entrepreneurial cousin who you rarely hear from and then blows you away with some new mind boggling idea he's had at the next family gathering. Often seen as the black sheep of the family, but a highly valued and talented sheep. It is comprised of: Charcoal and Lemon Myrtle infused Tanqueray gin, Averna (an Amaro), and La Quintinye vermouth, loads of ice and a big wedge of grapefruit. 

Really interesting little creative masterpiece just waiting at the Ugly Duckling for you to give a go!



At Black Pearl bar I tried a Negroni style drink that had a bit of a French twist to it, A Lucien Gaudin, (named after the French Olympic Fencer). The Lucien Gaudin consists of: Tanqueray gin, Campari, Dry Vermouth and the French contribution from a little Cointreau with a twist of orange. Beautiful fresh punchy orange kick, for all citrus and orange loving gin lovers out there!

Again Drink Responsibly team!





Fruity and funky-fresh shaken gin cocktail I tried at Black Pearl not too long ago! This cocktail consisted of a wide variety of quality ingredients including: Tanqueray gin, lime juice, kiwi, yuzo, truffle and egg white, all shaken together with ice and served in a tall cold glass with a pegged lime leaf. It was delicious and I highly recommend this drink to all gin lovers out there!! 

Drink Responsibly team !


The Captain's Mistress - The Ugly Duckling, Richmond

The Captain's Mistress - The Ugly Duckling, Richmond

The Captain's Mistress Martini is a martini that is offered at The Ugly Duckling in Richmond and is: West Winds Broadside (navy strength), Lillet blanc, camomile bitters and a drop of absinthe, with a grapefruit twist.  

It taste subtle, smooth with little bit of citrus, and tiny bit salty (that's the broadside coming through). Really great martini, you should all try it (unless you hate martinis, then this might not be the one that converts you, it definitely is a martini)


Drink responsibly!